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Nonprofit Jenni Show

The Nonprofit Jenni Show explores nonprofit management, marketing, and development topics. Host Jenni Hargrove invites professionals from a wide variety of cause areas to weigh in with their experiences. Each episode also includes an Anonymous Q&A segment where Jenni answers controversial questions submitted by nonprofit staff and board members.

Jun 24, 2019

Young Professionals (YP) Groups can help your nonprofits spread awareness of its mission to new generations, increase your donor base, and plan for successions. Engaging young professionals is becoming ever more vital as Baby Boomers start to retire from their long-held leadership positions! Learn how to create an effective YP Group, YP Committee, or Junior Board at your nonprofit.

Our guests this episode include:
--Jasmyn Alvarez with Park Center
--Amos Glass with the Nashville Repertory Theatre

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