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Nonprofit Jenni Show

The Nonprofit Jenni Show explores nonprofit management, marketing, and development topics. Host Jenni Hargrove invites professionals from a wide variety of cause areas to weigh in with their experiences. Each episode also includes an Anonymous Q&A segment where Jenni answers controversial questions submitted by nonprofit staff and board members.

Nov 20, 2020

You may have noticed that your employees all need support from you in different ways. We all have our own unique strengths, weaknesses, and quirks -- How can you lead your team to effectively support and empower each individual to do their best work? This week on the Nonprofit Jenni Show, we chat with Alycia Halladay from the Autism Science Foundation about employing individuals with autism. We also revisit a conversation with Meredith Benton from the Healing Trust with advice on developing a supportive work culture.

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Our podcast guests this week are:

--Alycia Halladay from the Autism Science Foundation (

Read the policy brief here:

--Meredith Benton from the Healing Trust (

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