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Nonprofit Jenni Show

The Nonprofit Jenni Show explores nonprofit management, marketing, and development topics. Host Jenni Hargrove invites professionals from a wide variety of cause areas to weigh in with their experiences. Each episode also includes an Anonymous Q&A segment where Jenni answers controversial questions submitted by nonprofit staff and board members.

Oct 23, 2020

Can you believe we’re approaching the end of 2020 already? It’s been a heck of a year! As nonprofit leaders search for creative new ways to generate sustainable revenue for their organizations, Jenni wants to provide some food for thought. In this episode, we’ll play a quick trivia game about the most successful types of creative revenue ideas! We’ll also revisit an interview from the archives with Brad Kimbler, CEO of the social enterprise Staff 360, which is owned by the nonprofit Safe Haven Family Shelter.


Jenni also shares an update about a free way to spread the word about your nonprofit or social enterprise’s products and services during the holiday shopping season. We’re compiling a “Gifts That Give Back” ecatalog for people who want to support good causes this winter, and you can apply to have your items included for free! Visit to submit your items for consideration.


Our podcast guests this week are:

--Michelle Gustafson from Caritas of Austin

--Brad Kimbler from Staff 360 / Safe Haven Family Shelter


This episode is sponsored by the podcast “Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership”, hosted by Dr. Patton McDowell. Find “Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership” wherever you listen to podcasts, or visit to listen.


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